Fundraising For Baseball

There’s nothing quite like a great game of baseball, whether you’re watching from the stands or pitching from the mound. It’s one of America’s greatest pastimes, and boys and girls around the country enjoy the camaraderie, sportsmanship and friendly competition that are a part of every team. One of the hardest parts for coaches and parents, however, is finding the funds to make the experience even better for their kids. New uniforms, better equipment, sporting and competition fees, travel expenses – they can all add up pretty quickly. Fundraising for baseball is a necessity for every team, but finding the right fundraiser can be a big challenge. You need something that parents and kids can actually sell, something that people want to buy. Let’s face it – not chocolates, or popcorn, or gift wrap that’s been marked up to an amount that makes no sense. At Good Clean Fundraising, we offer a great solution for your fundraising needs.

Here at Good Clean Fundraising, we believe that your friends and family absolutely do want to support the team. They want to help when you approach them fundraising for baseball, they just need a product that makes sense. That’s why, as part of our baseball fundraiser, we offer a 5 gallon bucket of high quality liquid laundry soap made right here in the United States. Everyone knows that liquid laundry detergent can be expensive, and our wholesale purchasing can save your supporters up to 50% over store prices, all without sacrificing quality. Finally, a product and company that makes fundraising for baseball a breeze!

Fundraising For Baseball Done Differently

At Good Clean Fundraising, we’re a little bit different – and that’s a good thing! We start by offering a different product – a top quality necessity item that’s priced to save everyone money. Let’s face it, when you’ve been approached to support any fundraiser, have you ever thought ‘You know what? That’s actually a good deal!’? Probably not. But when you’re fundraising for baseball through Good Clean Fundraising, you’re actually providing a great benefit in the form of substantial savings. People are sick of having to waste money to support a good cause; now, they don’t have to! Your team and all of its wonderful supporters win when you’re fundraising for baseball with us!

Fundraising For Baseball Done Better

Your players and coaches work hard every practice to be better, so you deserve a baseball fundraiser that’s better, too! At Good Clean Fundraising, we offer many advantages over other fundraising campaigns. After all, a fundraiser that saves people money is easier to sell – but just how much money will your friends and family save if they help out? At around $45.00 per 5 gallon bucket, the cost for them breaks down to around $.07 per ounce of liquid laundry detergent. The average cost for those buying detergent at the store is anywhere from $.13 – $.15 per ounce. That’s an impressive savings of up to 50% depending on their usual brand and where they buy it, so you know they’ll save money. When you’re fundraising for baseball with us, they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they helped the team without breaking their budget.

Good Clean Fundraising also makes sure a higher percentage of the profits earned make it back to your team, which can make a big difference when you’re fundraising for baseball uniforms and equipment. Your team will make more money, faster and with less energy put into making the sale. No matter what your fundraising goals are, Good Clean Fundraising can help you meet and exceed them. Smaller groups have easily reached goals of $5,000.00 or more, while some of our larger groups have made in excess of $25,000 – all in just a few weeks! Good Clean Fundraising for baseball can make your team dreams a reality.

Of course, as every coach knows, having the right resources and expertise can make all the difference. That’s why we start you out with customized order forms featuring your team’s logo, and provide access to information on encouraging participation, making sales and even distribution of the sold product. We also assist you in the creation of a social media campaign when you’re fundraising for baseball teams. Your social media campaign will help spread the word about your fundraiser, which will help to boost sales.

Start Fundraising for Baseball Today!

At Good Clean Fundraising, we make it easy to start fundraising for baseball right away! Our friendly, experienced representatives are standing by with all of the information you need to turn this great fundraising opportunity into cold hard cash for your team!


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10.10.13 Good Clean Fundraising voted Best Fundraising Program for Schools, Churches, and Youth Athletics Organizations
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